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Senior Advisory Committee

The Homeland Security Senior Advisory Committee (SAC) was established in accordance with Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) Section 41-4254 and 41-4256 and Federal Department of Homeland Security Grant Guidance/Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). The members consist of the Director, of the AZDOHS, four legislative members and seventeen other advisory members who are appointed by the governor pursuant to section 38 Section 211. The key strategic initiative is to foster preparedness collaboration across disciplines, the private sector, non-profit organizations, faith-based, community, and all levels of government, including local, State, Tribal, with a goal of maximizing coordination and reducing duplication of effort. Encourage the leveraging of various funding sources to enhance state, local, and Tribal capabilities in support of the State Homeland Security Strategy (SHSS), Threat Hazard Risk Assessment (THIRA), and the State Preparedness Report (SPR).

SAC Operating Principles (64.25 KB) – Updated 9/9/2013


  • Homeland Security Advisor, Director, AZDOHS
  • State Emergency Management Director, ADEM
  • State Public Health Officer, Director ADHS
  • State Public Safety Officer, Director DPS
  • SAA for Justice Grants, Executive Director, ACJC
  • Statewide Interoperability Coordinator, DPS
  • State Department of Economic Security, Director AZDES
  • State Juvenile Corrections, Director AZDJC
  • State Citizen Corp Council, Chair AZSCCC
  • Republican State Senator
  • Democrat State Senator
  • Republican State Representative
  • Democrat State Representative
  • League of Cities and Towns Representative
  • Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs, Executive Director
  • County Sheriff's Association Representative
  • State Fire Marshall
  • Fire Chief's Association Representative
  • Association of Police Chiefs Representative
  • Tucson Urban Area Security Initiative Coordinator
  • Phoenix Urban Area Security Initiative Coordinator


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