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State Homeland Security Strategy

As the first to develop a statewide homeland security strategy, Arizona has been a leader on homeland security efforts since the tragic events of 9/11. To help direct homeland security efforts around the state, the Arizona Department of Homeland Security (AZDOHS) has worked in conjunction with the people and agencies involved in the joint homeland security mission to shape Arizona’s State Homeland Security Strategy (SHSS).

Through a series of work sessions and meetings, AZDOHS invited professionals on the front lines of several key industries to provide their expertise on the SHSS. Industries such as law enforcement, fire operations, public safety, emergency management, public health and agriculture were engaged in meaningful and productive discussions.

The end result is a SHSS that addresses terrorism and all other critical hazards from a well-rounded approach that considers every aspect of a disaster from prevention, to mitigation, response and recovery. The mission of the SHSS is to guide and direct all activities that propose the use of federal homeland security grant dollars so that they fall within this single, unified set of guidelines.

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