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Arizona Department of Homeland Security

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About Us

Mission Statement

The Arizona Department of Homeland Security (AZDOHS) is a State of Arizona Government Agency. Our mission is to protect Arizona by providing strategic direction and access to resources that will enable all of the state’s homeland security sub-recipient stakeholders to achieve our collective goals of:
  • Preventing terrorist attacks in Arizona
  • Enhancing border security
  • Heightening cybersecurity efforts
  • Reducing Arizona's vulnerability to all critical hazards
  • Enhancing the capacity and expertise to plan for, mitigate, respond to and recover from all critical hazards that affect the safety, well-being and economic security of Arizona
  • Building the resiliency of Arizona

AZDOHS administers and manages federal homeland security grants related to terrorism prevention and protecting Arizona from all hazards. 

This website is intended to help you easily find information about AZDOHS initiatives. For more information on specific programs, you may wish to view our Community Preparedness and Grants pages.