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Server Hardening

About Server Hardening

Cyber Command provides the tools for agencies to evaluate their systems against a variety of hardening guidelines and provides a detailed report of the security risks associated with any identified gaps. Recommendations on policy and configuration changes, as well as technical assistance to make them, are provided to address those gaps resulting in a more secure operating environment across the State. The evaluation can be run as often as needed to establish initial baselines, validate changes, and to track progress toward meeting hardening goals.

What problems it solves

The goal of systems hardening is to reduce security risk by eliminating potential attack vectors, minimizing the system's attack surface, and addressing known vulnerabilities through validated secure configuration.

What the Service provides

  • Utilization of the compliance assessment Enterprise tools
  • Assistance with configuring assessment tool for the various benchmarks and evaluation guides
  • Access to the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Configuration Assessment Tool, copies of CIS Benchmarks and configuration guides, and analysis of the results

Benefits of this Service

  • Adherence to policy and regulatory requirements
  • Reduced attack surface and vulnerabilities in systems and software

Billing Unit: N/A

Billing Code: N/A (Service is not billed by ASET due to funding from other sources)

Eligible Customers

  • All State Agencies, Boards and Commissions

Scope of Service

  • Customers can request assistance or support via the ServiceNow Customer portal. Click on ADOA-ASET Service Desk. Select Enterprise Security then Server Hardening.

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