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Security Operations Center (SOC)

About Security Operations Center (SOC)

A Security Operation Center (SOC) is a function within Cyber Command which employs people, processes, and technology to continuously monitor the security posture and potential threats to the State, while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents. The SOC also coordinates State and Federal agencies in the event of a cybersecurity incident as needed, sharing cyber threat information and resources for optimal response.

What problems it solves

Improved capability to detect security incidents and breaches through continuous monitoring and analysis of activity. Ensures timely detection and response of security incidents. Helps the State to lower time-to-detect and time-to-respond.

What the Service provides

  • Escalate events identified within your agency to the State SOC for additional analysis and response. Continuous monitoring at the State-wide level for enterprise situational awareness. Coordinated state-wide response efforts.

Benefits of this Service

  • Monitoring to detect and respond to security incidents across the State
  • Initial triage and advanced analysis of reported security events
  • Coordination with other State, Federal, and vendor partners for rapid incident response capability

Billing Unit: N/A

Billing Code: N/A (Service is not billed by ASET due to funding from other sources)

Eligible Customers

  • All State Agencies, Boards and Commissions

Scope of Service

  • Customers can request assistance or support by contacting the Arizona Security Operations Center at [email protected].

How to order this Service