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Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP)

The completion of the EHP Review is only required if you received an additional letter in your award documents. The additional letter, if you received one, delineated the level of review required for your project. If you did not receive the additional letter you do not have to complete the Review.

Level A EHP Review

FEMA has determined that some project types have no environmental impacts, as documented in the Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA). Subrecipients are not required to provide any further EHP documentation for project types identified in the PEA. Planning, Management and Administration, Classroom-based Training, Table-top Exercises and Functional Exercises, as well as Purchase of Mobile and Portable Equipment (no installation) are examples of projects in this category.

Level B EHP Review

Subrecipients proposing projects that involve changes to the natural or built environment, including but not limited to construction of communication towers; modification or renovation of existing buildings, structures, facilities, and infrastructure; or that involve new construction, including replacement or relocation of facilities, must participate in the EHP review process. The EHP review process involves submission of a detailed project description, the proposed project's purpose and need (goals and/or objectives), and supporting documentation to Grants Program Directorate (GPD) through AZDOHS for GPD's evaluation to determine if the proposed project may impact environmental resources and/or historic properties. In order to standardize and streamline this review process, GPD developed an EHP Screening Form and received Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval to use the Form. The EHP Screening Form has been assigned a FEMA Form Number (024-0-1) and an OMB Number (1660-0115).

All award documents contain an EHP determination letter delineating the level of review: "A" or "B." The completion of the EHP Level B review is required only if you received an EHP B letter in your award documents. If you did not receive the EHP B letter, you do not have to complete the 024-0-1 EHP Screening Form.

To begin the approval process, please download and complete the EHP Form and email it to Michael Stidham at [email protected].

If you have any questions regarding the EHP process, please contact Michael Stidham at (602) 228-3618 or [email protected].