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Arizona Department of Homeland Security (AZDOHS) Monitoring Program

AZDOHS, as the state administrative agency for the Homeland Security Grant Program and other grant programs, is responsible for monitoring awards made to subgrantees to provide reasonable assurance that the award is being administered in compliance with federal grant guidance and terms of the subgrantee agreement.

Site monitoring visits are one form of monitoring conducted by AZDOHS.  If selected to receive a site monitoring visit, a subgrantee should plan for a project/program management and financial review.  To ensure a successful monitoring visit; a project manager, finance representative (knowledgeable of the jurisdiction’s policies and procedures) and a property control representative (if award included equipment purchases) should be present.

Site monitoring notification letters are sent approximately 30 days in advance.  A list of items (such as financial documents, project files, policies and procedure manuals, overtime policies, etc.) to have present during the site monitoring visit will be included in the notification letter.  Specific equipment purchased with homeland security funds will be identified to have available at the site monitoring visit for review (if applicable). 

The site monitoring visit is intended to assess a subgrantee’s processes and procedures to achieve the intended outcomes of the grant award.  In addition, it is an opportunity to provide technical assistance that may further enhance support to local jurisdictions in their grant administration as well as improve stakeholder relationships.

To prepare for an upcoming site monitoring visit, we encourage you to review the AZDOHS monitoring tool below.

Following the site monitoring visit, a letter of compliance or request for corrective action of any noncompliance items will be sent to the subgrantee.

Most Common Noncompliance Items

  • Untimely Quarterly Programmatic Reports
    (See Subrecipient Agreement – Reporting Requirements)
  • Equipment Inventory Control Documentation