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Preparedness For Businesses

The overall objective of planning is to set forth mechanisms and processes where key decision makers can address emergency situations so that time sensitive operations can be restored in a minimal amount of time with the lowest possible impact on citizens and customers by:

  1. Ensuring continuous performance of essential business functions and operations during an emergency;
  2. Protecting essential facilities, equipment, records, and other assets;
  3. Reducing or mitigating disruptions to operations;
  4. Minimizing loss of life, injury, and property damage; and
  5. Achieving a timely and orderly recovery from an emergency and resumption of full service to customers.

This business continuity plan is designed to address a number of scenarios and the full spectrum of potential threats, crises and emergencies (natural as well as man-made) that may disrupt and impact the essential business operations.

A viable business continuity plan’s capability identifies essential functions and consists of plans and procedures, alternate facilities, and alternate interoperable communications and data support systems, reinforced by comprehensive training, orientation, and exercise programs. These BCP capabilities must be maintained at a high level of readiness be capable of being activated both with and without warning, achieve operational status no later than 12 hours after activation, and maintain sustained operations for up to 30 days or until termination.